* Due to unforeseen medical complications this show has been postponed and will debut at a later date. Thank you for your patience.

Nectar of the Moon™, a large-scale, dance-theater production
inspired by cultural dances from around the world…celebrating
women, and empowering audiences everywhere.

Magical, mysterious, and rich with cultural dance,
Nectar of the Moon illuminates the innate tapestry
of sisterhood between women around the world.

An experience transcending time and place, this show
is connecting generations and cultures.

If you are a woman, or know a woman, this show is for you!

Coming 11.11.11.
The movement starts here…

"Lurainya’s Nectar of the Moon Preview Performance was humbling and almost spiritual. It lifted me out of my seat.
I was very, very moved and I can’t wait to see Nectar of the Moon in its entirety." ~ Paul Gold, Film Director / Writer

"Nectar of the Moon is amazing, Lurainya’s innovative choreography coupled with her uncanny ability to
direct & produce is something I have never seen in an artist before, truly amazing!" ~ Elijiah Gray, CFO, MileStone Bank

"Working with Lurainya has been liberating in that she does not come from the formal ballet and modern schools.
She creates her movements in an organic place. It is refreshing to leave the long traditions and histories
in the classroom and rehearse a dance in the here and now."
~ Heather McGeehan, University of the Arts; Philadanco II, Vivid Motion, Konservatoriet Dance Ensemble,
Onda Latina, Samba Nosso, UArts African Ensemble, Performance Dance Theater

"Lurainya’s Nectar of the Moon choreography superceded anything I had imagined; it was Fabulous!
I can’t wait for the next show!" ~Shaily Dadiala, Usiloquy Dance

Lurainya Koerber is founder/director of WomenMove, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization located in the Greater Philadelphia region of PA. WomenMove is working to empower and educate women and girls, while raising cultural awareness through the arts. Nectar of the Moon is an original concept created by Lurainya and is the signature program of WomenMove. With it’s unique two-part formula, Nectar of the Moon allows WomenMove to reach as many people as possible. Part one is the show empowering audiences, inspiring and connecting all who see it, Nectar of the Moon creates a deep experience with lasting impact. Part two is that ticket sales from the show raise money for female education. In short: it’s a full circle event, those who see the show in person are empowered by the experience, and the purchase of their ticket helps to empower even more women and girls.

Strength. Self-worth. Equality. That is what every woman deserves to feel and that is what WomenMove can give her. Our first way of doing that is by presenting Nectar of the Moon. All who see it will be touched.